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Restorative Medicine | The Dzugan Method Way
As you age, the levels of various hormones in your body begin to decrease. This process, which generally begins around age 35, shifts your body out of balance, creating an environment in which a number of serious conditions can take hold and flourish – including anxiety, heart disease, depression, bone density loss, erectile dysfunction, Alzheimers, macular degeneration, cancer, and many more.
As a result of these problems, millions of people turn daily to prescription drugs. The problem is that these drugs merely mask symptoms – often unsuccessfully – while doing nothing to address the underlying causes of the conditions. In addition, the inevitable negative side effects of drug therapies are often nearly as bad as the condition they’re fighting.
The Dzugan Method rejects the failed pharmaceutical paradigm. Rather than tricking your body with drugs, we restore it by optimizing its hormonal levels – bringing you back to the healthy balance that allows you to lead a naturally vital and active lifestyle.
The Dzugan Method NEVER uses the synthetic hormones distributed by so many “fountain of youth” companies – hormones of questionable origin and effectiveness. Instead, we deliver bioidentical hormones which are exactly like those your body once produced. And we deliver them in the optimal dosage and manner.
Because the Dzugan Method is about balancing the entire body, our clients find that they often benefit in ways that go beyond relief of the condition that brings them to us. Depending on the individual, the Dzugan Method can help with fatigue, depression, anxiety, A.D.D., A.D.H.D., skin problems, and much more.